Review – Sleek i-Divine Ultra Mattes V2 Palette

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Hey Guys,

I am back with another review. Today I am going to talk about Sleek i-Divine Ultra Matte V2 palette. The palette contains 12 highly pigmented matte shades in a sleek compact.


Orbit – Orbit is a pigmented matte teal-ish green colour. It has buttery smooth texture, absolutely no fall out.

Ink – Ink is a beautiful matte dark navy blue shade. Very pigmented. Quite hard to blend. The texture was silky but there was a little fall out.

Highness – Highness is a matte dark shade of vibrant violet. Its not as pigmented as the rest but it can be built up.

Noir – Noir is a beautiful rich matte black. We can all use a matte black in our palette. It’s highly pigmented. No fall out.

Dune – Dune is a matte beige colour. I use it as a base to prevent the other shades from sticking on to my primer.

Pillow talk – Pillow Talk is matte white shade. I use it as a highlighter. Its highly pigmented and it blends like a dream.

Thunder – Thunder is a gorgeous matte shade of grey. The texture is so smooth and buttery. Very pigmented. There was absolutely no fall out.

Maple – Maple is a matte reddish brown shade. The texture is silky, no fall out.

Flesh – Flesh is a matte cream colour. The texture is very smooth. No fall out. Can be used as a base.

Paper Bag – My personal favorite, Paper Bag is a beautiful pigmented matte brown. Can be built up to a very dark shade of brown. The texture is very buttery. No fall out.

Villain – Another personal favorite, Villain is a matte dark purple. Highly pigmented.

Fern – Fern is a dark hunter green colour. There was a little fall out, but the shade is gorgeous.


The palette is a travel friendly slim black compact with built in mirror.


Each shade is lightweight, very smooth,silky and glides on like a dream, does not tug or patch. The blending process is very easy and effortless compared to most matte shadows.


Each shade is highly pigmented and very lightweight. Flat eyeshadow brushes will really pack on the colours.


This palette cost me about $8. I have to each cent of it was worth it. I would pay more for such amazing quality. Super affordable.

My thoughts

I love this palette so much. Of course, most people might find the dark shades quite intimidating. But a fluffy brush can be used for a soft colour wash. I have been using this palette for a year now. The natural shades like Dune, Flesh, Paper Bag and Thunder can be used for everyday life, while the other more darker, smokey shades can be used for night outs, etc.

The packaging is so travel friendly. I always keep it in my bag for emergency cases.

Overall, this is an excellent palette at super budget price.


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