Review – MUA Luxe Velvet Lip Lacquer in Reckless (with swatches)


Hey Girls,

Today I am going to review MUA’s lip lacquer in Reckless. People have been going crazy over these. I love matte lipsticks. But I have never had good luck with liquid lipsticks or lacquers. They always tend to dry out my lips.

So I got these lip lacquers in Reckless and Funk just to test them out. These are intensely pigmented, very long lasting and really hard to take off. I swatched it on the back of my hand just to check the pigmentation and I tried to take it off with makeup wipes, water and soap. But this is how far I got:


So as you can see from the picture above that these are really hard to take off. But olive oil and a lot of patience seemed to do the trick. This is how it looks on the lips.

2015-04-29 19.13.19-1

I used this alone without any lip liners or lip balm, these are super pigmented. You can also build it up. What I noticed is if you wear it alone and eat or drink it flakes on you which is absolutely disgusting. But if you apply some lip liner beforehand than it will stay put. These lip lacquers cost me about $7.99 each so you can’t complain for the price.

Overall this is a great product I really recommend this if you prefer matte colors. They can dry out your lips a little so make sure you’re wearing lip balms or a creamy lip liner before you apply this.
I hope you enjoyed this review. Thank you for reading!



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