Review – ELF Studio Eyebrow Duo Brush (with pictures)


Hey Girls,

So I bought this ELF Studio Eyebrow Duo Brush along with ELF Studio Contouring Brush a week ago. I have used Real Techniques Brow Brush from the Starter Set and I am not quite fond of it. I  found the maximum amount of control from a smudge brush. But I bought this just to test it out. The main reason I love ELF is because all of their products are cruelty free, they are not tested on animals. This cost me about $3.00. I have always loved ELF’s Studio line. Their brushes are extremely soft and functional.

The spooley brush is small and perfect for brows. I never though I would need a spooley brush because I just wash off my old mascara wands properly and I use that on my brows, it works great. Except, this brush is very precise because it’s small. The bristles are soft and perfect for brows. It blends the products well and really gets each eyebrow hair. This is how the spooley brush looks:


Now on to the main part, the angled brow brush. The brow brush is densely packed. You can do your eyebrows in small strokes for precision or you can fill it in real quick when you’re in a rush because the brush is small and really easy to work with. This is how the angled brow brush looks like:


The angled brow brush is soft enough that you can blend your product well and stiff enough that you won’t lose control. You can sculpt out your eyebrows in anyway you want.

I absolutely love this brush except I wish the spooley brush had a little curve. But other than that I am happy with both Studio Eyebrow Duo Brush and Studio Contouring Brush.

These products are super affordable so even if you end up not liking these brushes which is highly unlikely you won’t feel like you splurged a lot of money over nothing. I recommend this brush, pretty much anyone can work with this, beginners or professionals.

Thank you for reading! Stay Tuned!



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