Review – Skin Watchers Green Snail Intensive Cream For Dry Skin (with pictures)

2015-07-01 01.30.33 Hello all of you wonderful people, I love taking care of my skin and I have been a huge fan of Korean skincare routine and their products. They devote so much time to pamper themselves. Majority of their products give amazing results and I truly noticed a difference when I started following their routine. My skincare routine is a way for me to relax. I have extremely dry skin even though I live in a very hot and humid country. Everyone should realize that taking care of your skin is extremely important ESPECIALLY if you wear makeup. I never used to take care of my skin before and I suffered through a lot of skin issues. I wasn’t blessed with an amazing skin like my mother. She can go to bed with makeup on and wake up with no pimples. But I, on the other hand, suffered through blackheads, acne, tiny skin bumps, whiteheads, dry dehydrated skin, fine lines when I was only 19. I knew that most of this damage was occurring due to not devoting enough time for my skin. Moisturizer is just as important for dry skin as taking off makeup before bed.

I have been on a hunt for a really intense and good moisturizer that will not break me out. About a month ago; a fellow beauty blogger suggested the Green Snail Intensive Cream from Skin Watchers, this is a Korean brand. I didn’t enjoy the idea of covering my face with snail mucus but apparently it has some excellent benefits and I couldn’t resist any longer.

This is Skin Watcher’s description of their moisturizer:

“How can snail slime protect your skin? Snail cream is a skin care product derived from snail slime.While it may not sound pleasant, snail slime possesses medicinal properties and treats a variety of skin conditions.Crushed snails were mixed with milk to treat skin redness.You can apply our products to sensitive or even irritated skin with your heart at ease. Your skin will feel comfortable in just a short time.Please, compare our products to others. You’re not applying brands, but ingredients to your skin. We put all our effort into finding better natural solutions.What makes us different?We don’t use Artificial coloring matter, mineral oil, talc, steroids, paraben or chemical preservatives.Many companies deceive you by replacing paraben with phenoxyethanol, another type of paraben which could be written as paraben or phenoxyethanol.Skin Watchers Snail Cream is a 99% pure, natural skincare cream that provides surprising results on the appearance of wrinkles, redness, blemishes, fine lines, acne, stretch marks, sun spots – even scars that you have lived with for a long time will appear softer and be less noticeable. It is one of the most complete and balanced skin care elements ever created.Green Snail Intensive Cream protects, repairs, renews and moisturizes the skin.It is 99% natural, hypoallergenic and a safe natural cream that triggers the regeneration of your skin.”

This is what the jar looks like. It contains 50 ml of the product: 2015-07-01 01.31.252015-07-01 01.32.15 I don’t necessarily enjoy moisturizer that come in a jar, because as you can see it’s quite messy. I really like a nice packaging with a pump or something that comes in a tube. They didn’t provide a spatula so I just sanitized a spatula I own and used that. The jar is very elegant and looks very luxurious. It comes in a frosty jar that looks like a glass but it’s probably hard plastic because I dropped it and it didn’t break a little bit.

It cost me about $24.40. The texture of this cream is rich and thick but when you apply it goes on smooth. A little goes such a long way, I take a pea size amount and it covers up one side of the face. It hydrates my skin amazingly and I wake up with very soft and supple skin with no tiny skin bumps. Once you apply, your skin will immediately absorb it. This doesn’t sit on the skin for hours like other thick moisturizers I have tried.

What really impresses me about this perfect moisturizer are the ingredients. It contains chinese lantern extract, beta glucan, guava extract, witch hazel extract, hollyhock extract, green tea extract, aloe vera leaf extract, hyalurnoic acid (this acid hydrates the skin), morus bark extract, pasque flower extract, chamomile flower extract, zanthoxylum piperitum fruit extract, usnea extract, snail mucus filtrate, chinese lantern fruit extract, tremella fuciformis. skinwatchersinfo So basically, it’s very natural so it shouldn’t cause any reaction in your skin. I have extremely sensitive skin and this did not break me out or cause any irritation. I honestly love this moisturizer so much, it doesn’t even clog my pores. The only issue is I was hoping it would replace my eye cream since it’s so thick but it didn’t do anything for my fine line in my under eye area but that’s way too much to ask from a face moisturizer. Pros:

  • Natural ingredients
  • Doesn’t break me out or cause any reaction on my skin
  • Intensely moisturizing
  • Luxurious looking and travel friendly packaging
  • Didn’t clog my pores
  • Instant results
  • No irritating smell
  • Sinks into the skin as soon as you apply it
  • Doesn’t leave a greasy finish
  • Cured my tiny skin bumps


  • Not very affordable
  • Unhygienic packaging

Overall, I really recommend this one to everyone out there suffering with dry skin. If you have oily skin this probably not the best option for you but Skin Watchers Green Snail Hydrating Gel is really good for oily skin. I hope you enjoyed this review, please support my blog by hitting the follow button. If you have used this product or if you have any questions please let me know down in the comments.


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